Components shoe

  • What to look for in a shoe

    There are a few general points to consider when buying shoes. The diagram below shows the different parts of a shoe.

  • Heel – Try to choose shoes with a heel that has a broad base, and is less than 4cm (1.5 inches) high. This is particularly important if you are at risk of falls.Heel counter – This should be firm, as it reinforces the heel and helps stabilise your foot when you come in contact with the ground.

    Heel collar – This should pass under the ankle, padding may help reduce the pressure on your ankle and reduce the chance of blisters developing.

    Sole – The sole should provide enough cushioning for comfort, and enough grip to stop you from slipping. A midsole (the layer between the outsole and insole) will provide more shock absorption and makes the shoe firmer.

    Fastening – This should be velcro, laces or a buckle to allow adjustment and help hold your foot in the shoe.

    Upper – Leather is usually a good choice for comfort and durability. Natural, breathable fabrics are also comfortable.